Many moons ago…..episode 18 to be exact, we recounted a tale of elementary school, where we kept saying the word “Razzmatazz.” It eventually became our own little catchphrase, such as other 1980s words as dude, rad, gnarley, etc. Well, with a little research, we think we’ve narrowed down the most widely used instances of “Razzmatazz.” But which one was where we got it from????

Origin of our 1980s catchphrase “Razzmatazz”

A) The song Razzmatazz by the English rock band Pulp in 1993?
B) A disco club in Barcelona, Spain (
C) A painting by Roy Lichtenstein?
D) 1977-1982 children’s program hosted by Brian Tochi from Revenge of the Nerds?
E) Raspberry flavored Schnapps, made by DeKuyper Co?
F) Crayola crayon color, chosen in 1993 as a part of the Name The New Colors Contest?
G) British 1981-1987 music television show, hosted by Alistair Pirrie and Lisa Stansfield?
H) A Barbershop Quartet singing group (