ITT Tower picture by Greg

The ITT Research Tower was built along Washington Avenue in Nutley, NJ, in 1947. It stood 300 feet high, and was a landmark visible from miles around. I think it was even present in some of the Microsoft Flight Simulators in the mid 1990’s. ITT was a defense-related research company, which had a massive complex on the site. The company would greatly downsize and eventually demolished half of the site and sold it for redevelopment. Part is now the Clifton Commons Mall. Rob and I often road our bicycles there in the early 90’s to play volleyball on the sand court, only to be chased out by a fat security guy in a jeep. In fact the above picture is one I took back around 1994 I think, of the tower and the volleyball court.

History of ITT Research at the site:

And of course, the Nazi Germany/UFO Alien conspiracy information (No I am not kidding)!

NEW JERSEY, NEWARK – German [Thule Society] infiltration of the American military-industrial complex following WWII, via the NSA, I.T.T., ARCO, EXXON, etc., led to the construction of massive joint alien-fascist underground complexes [stemming from the Nazi alliance with an alien collaboration, based under the Gizeh plateau of Egypt – via the Grant Orient Lodge of Egyptian Freemasonry and the various gnostic Bavarian cults that were brought back from Egypt during the Egyptian occupation by the armies of the so-called “Holy Roman Empire” of Italy-Austria-Germany]. Tunnel systems run from the I.T.T. Corporation building in Newark to the I.T.T. facility at Nutley, to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio [mag-lev tubes], to A.I.L., to Long Island [Montauk Point].

Here is a video of the tower being demolished in 1996, as well as preceding photos and the local news videos of the destruction. What a shame they turned the large green space there into a gated Townhouse community. I hate those. Those are not communities, they are seperated from the community.