Roy Scheider

Yahoo! News – Roy Scheider of Jaws dies at 75

Sad news is that Roy Scheider died yesterday, at the age of 75. Roy is best known as Chief Martin Brody in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws and Jaws II. I also remember him from The French Connection, 2010 (sequel to 2001 Space Odyssey) and many years later, as Captain Nathan Bridger on SeaQuest DSV on NBC. Roy actually was born in Orange, NJ, and attended Columbia High School in Maplewood. Pretty much the Paunch Stevenson neck of the woods. The guy was a terrific actor and one of those who you instantly recognize on screen and who’s personality is very authentic and real. One of my favorites and will be missed.

Roy Scheider, November 10, 1932 – February 10, 2008