With TV, radio, and internet access at home, at work, and on mobile phones, what is the point of newspapers? If people want the latest headlines, sports scores, stock prices, and sales, they can turn on the TV, turn on the radio, or visit Yahoo!, CNN, ESPN, or Amazon for free. Yet, millions of people across the U.S. still spend 50 cents every morning to carry around 100-page newspapers, read day-old information, and get ink all over their hands. It doesn’t make sense. The majority of newspaper content is useless advertisements anyway.

Do most individuals use newspapers to sell things anymore? No, they use eBay, Amazon, and Craig’s List. Do they use newspapers to look for jobs anymore? No, they use HotJobs, Monster, and Craig’s List. Even the New York Times crossword puzzle can be downloaded and printed on demand.

Fifty years ago, newspapers were great. They were 1958’s equivalent to the internet. They allowed everyone to have fast access to information, but fifty years later, with our modern alternatives and environmental awareness, do we really need to keep wasting tons of paper, ink, and energy printing newspapers 365 days a year?