The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 136

In this episode:

  • special guest Joe in KY,
  • the digitally remastered episodes of Star Trek,
  • the Star Wars movies,
  • After Hours (1985) starring Griffin Dunne,
  • video games vs. action figures,
  • board games (Mouse Trap, Electronic Battleship, etc.),
  • old video game consoles (Atari 2600, Intellivision, ColecoVision, Nintendo Entertainment System, etc.),
  • the horrendous state of arcades,
  • Zork and text adventure video games,
  • children’s TV shows in the 1970s vs. today (Sesame Street, The Electric Company, Battle of the Planets, Pokemon, etc.)
  • Empire Records (1995) starring Liv Tyler,
  • Rob being bored by The Dark Knight (2008),
  • Bruno (2009) starring Sacha Baron Cohen,
  • celebrity birthdays (Bill Cosby and Ringo Starr),
  • a celebrity death (Billy Mays),
  • Steve Martin’s filmography,
  • our movie review of Henry Poole Is Here (2008) starring Luke Wilson,
  • and Short Time (1990) starring Dabney Coleman.

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