We’re in syndication!

That’s right, the Paunch Stevenson Show is now part of The Overnightscape Underground! Frank Nora invited us to join his network of podcasts several months ago and we’re very excited that our episodes are being reposted there. Frank, thank you for including us. PQ Ribber, thank you for doing us the huge favor of posting our episodes on onsug.com.

What does this mean? When we post a new episode here on paunchstevenson.com, it’ll also be posted on The Overnightscape Underground. That’s more exposure for us, which should result in more listeners, comments, and interaction.

That’s also more exposure for The Overnightscape Underground here on our site. Go and listen to some of the other podcasts being posted (and reposted) there. They make commutes, workdays, and chores more pleasant.