The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 164

In this episode:

  • the iPhone 4 on Verizon,
  • a stupid style (sweater parties),
  • a Five Guys correction,
  • The Ron and Fez Show stealing our “This Man Is not Dead” bit,
  • Australian comedian James Smith talking about seppos,
  • making posters in elementary school for S.E.P.P.O. disabled competitive sporting events,
  • Robopocalypse vs. the Roboplastic Podcastalypse,
  • counterfeit versions of The Paunch Stevenson Show,
  • old toy robots we’ve never heard of (Lords of Light, Micronauts, Interchangeables, Starriors, and Robo Force),
  • Greg and Rob randomly seeing each other on the bus to NYC,
  • the Paunch luck (Greg getting ripped off at a Chinese buffet in Manhattan),
  • celebrity deaths (Gerry Rafferty, Captain Beefheart, Blake Edwards, and Bob Feller),
  • our movie review of The Other Guys (2010) staring Will Ferrell,
  • Michael J. Fox’s outtakes from The Frighteners (1996),
  • AVGN James Rolfe’s interview with Marty McFly voice actor AJ LoCascio,
  • Michael Gambon on British TV show Top Gear telling a crazy story about Christian Slater,
  • Michael Caine on British TV show Parkinson doing an impersonation of himself and Sean Connery,
  • and George Martin’s horrible 1998 album In My Life featuring Robin Williams, Bobby McFerrin, Jim Carrey, Sean Connery, and Billy Connolly.

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