The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 167

In this episode:

  • Rob’s favorite adjective “weird,”
  • Frank Nora’s doppelganger/clone theory,
  • George Lucas and Lionel Richie look-alikes at NAVA,
  • John Carpenter’s Vampires (1998),
  • classic 1990s science fiction series SLIDERS,
  • The Beatles’ lousy movie Magical Mystery Tour (1967),
  • Paul McCartney teaching Steven Spielberg how to make movies,
  • Yoko Ono’s solo career,
  • wannabe Beatle Jeff Lynne,
  • musicians embarrassing themselves past their primes,
  • the Rolling Stones,
  • Phil Collins’s rumored retirement,
  • “Land of Confusion” music video by Genesis,
  • Jon Bon Jovi blaming Steve Jobs for ruining music sales,
  • Jersey Shore Snooki wrestling in the WWE,
  • dummies getting famous (Does the cream really rise to the top?),
  • Dr. Phil being sued yet again,
  • Aflac firing Gilbert Gottfried for his jokes about Japan,
  • Norm MacDonald’s Twitter,
  • and Charlie Sheen going nuts.

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