Mike Masse and Noah

We interviewed our favorite YouTube musician and cover song artist, Mike Masse, in episode 163 of The Paunch Stevenson Show. He was a great guest and we enjoyed discussing music, movies, and video games with him.

Yesterday, Mike posted his version of The Beatles song “Let It Be” on YouTube with this message:

“Dear Friends and Supporters,
On July 5th, 2012, my 11-month-old son Noah was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. Please consider making a donation of support as well as helping spread this link. The proceeds from your donation will go towards getting Noah the best care possible, as well as helping keep our family afloat while we focus on little Noah’s treatment and comfort. Anyone who donates will receive a downloadable MP3 version of this rendition. Here is the link:
A special thanks to Jesse, and everyone else at Cover Cows, for suggesting I record a charity song for Noah, as well as offering to waive any of their proceeds from the donations received. And thanks to Jeff Hall for letting me borrow his video camera (identical to mine), so I could shoot the performance from two angles at once.
And thanks to all of you so much for your friendship, generosity, and support.
P.S. If you prefer, you can also buy this song from iTunes (with Apple taking 30% of the purchase price, as is their policy). Here’s the iTunes link:

So if you can, please help Mike out. We’re sure he and his family appreciate even the smallest donation. Thanks!

Greg and Rob