The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 201

Talking video games with our NJ friends….
Joe Santulli, co-founder of Digital Press, Classic Gaming Expo, and the Video Game History Museum.
Frankie V, member of the Digital Press Podcast.

In this episode:

  • celebrity deaths (Sally Ride, Leroy Neiman, Rodney King, Ernest Borgnine, Nora Ephron, Sherman Hemsley, and Sage Stallone),
  • Steve Martin and Steven Seagal doing bad Italian accents,
  • the lights turned out on Bruce Springsteen’s concert with Paul McCartney in London,
  • High Score (2006) documentary (watch on Hulu),
  • Missile Command,
  • was The King of Kong (starring Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe) a fraud?,
  • a YouTube video featuring accusations by video game record holder Dwayne Richard,
  • former and current Donkey Kong champs Tim Sczerby and Hank Chien,
  • the Twin Galaxies video game record board,
  • would a dog raise a human baby?,
  • What Ever Happened To? (Teri Hatcher, Lauren Graham, and Carlos Mencia),
  • Gallagher does a GEICO commercial (video),
  • Sugar Daddy and other bad hard candy,
  • annoying door-to-door cable television salespeople,
  • knowledgeable forum,
  • Dolph Lundgren is actually a chemical engineer,
  • Fred Willard may or may not have pulled a Pee-wee Herman,
  • Rob invented dine-in movie theaters,
  • poor presentation of a film at an AMC theater,
  • interview with founder of Digital Press Videogames Joe Santulli,
  • his decision to go from game collector to retailer,
  • what does his wife think of his collecting?,
  • Atari Airborne Avenger pinball wall art (photo),
  • what you’ll find in the Digital Press store in Clifton, NJ,
  • rare and unique items “in the wild” traded into the store,
  • video game grading services,
  • monthly NAVA (North Atlantic Videogame Aficionados) gatherings,
  • the concept behind the Video Game History Museum,
  • is the future of gaming fully downloadable content?,
  • promoting the community aspect of gaming,
  • our interview with Frankie V. of the Digital Press Video Game Podcast,
  • gory horror arcade game Chiller by Exidy,
  • Atari Lynx,
  • great Lynx games like Electrocop,
  • is Sony’s PlayStation Vita this generation’s Lynx?,
  • the open platform game system Ouya,
  • a return to hobby-developed gaming like in the 1980s,
  • Android and iOS gaming vs. traditional portable consoles,
  • and “crowdsourcing” via Kickstarter.

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Pictures taken during the July 28, 2012, NAVA gathering at Digital Press in Clifton, NJ:
Flickr – Digital Press in Clifton, NJ 7/28/2012
Enjoying 3D Gaming

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