The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 204

We finally open Rob’s 111-year-old safe, thanks to World Champion Safe Cracker Jeff Sitar! What’s inside??

In this episode:

  • Rob’s bars of silver,
  • not keeping the boxes to our old toys growing up,
  • Dave Coulier constantly farting on the Full House set,
  • the Full House cast reunion,
  • the faux cast replacement for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,
  • opening Rob’s antique safe,
  • the defunct Victor Safe and Lock Company,
  • introducing World Champion Safe Cracker Jeff Sitar (website),
  • Jeff’s background in safe cracking,
  • working as a consultant on action/heist movies,
  • being featured on Discovery Channel, History Channel, Good Morning America, etc.,
  • bank vault safeguards,
  • what’s Rob’s safe worth?,
  • Jeff’s martial arts training,
  • Bruce Lee,
  • Jackie Chan contacting Jeff and sending him an autographed copy of his movie Rob-B-Hood (2006),
  • Horatio Sanz vs. Kevin Smith,
  • an amazing fan-made Star Wars Tie Fighter animation by Otaking77077 (video),
  • where CGI cartoon shows have gone wrong,
  • the Coleco Dukes of Hazzard Power Cycle,
  • toy and video game prices in 1983,
  • and Game Show Network’s dating show Baggage hosted by Jerry Springer.

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