The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 233

Happy New Year!!

In this episode:

  • rush hour traffic, accidents, and stupid crazy drivers in northern NJ,
  • black ice and rubbernecking,
  • Grudge Match (2013) starring old men Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro,
  • getting a defective set top box from Verizon FiOS,
  • will we ever get an “a la carte” cable service?,
  • Tim Meadows gets mad at Saturday Night Live for leaving him off a new “Bill Brasky” skit,
  • really bad unsuccessful SNL skit-based movies,
  • Richard Dean Anderson returns as MacGyver in European car commercial “Crisis Averted”,
  • Bill Cosby’s Comedy Central stand up special,
  • Ed Helms starring in a reboot of The Naked Gun?,
  • the Angry Video Game Nerd agrees with us: Pit-Fighter is the worst SNES game of all time,
  • lousy video games made by LJN and Acclaim,
  • a Christmas Rob-view of The Family Holiday (2007) starring Dave Coulier,
  • celebrity deaths (Bum Phillips, Peter O’Toole, Paul Walker, and Nelson Mandela),
  • what’s the point of a “supercar”?,
  • Brian Jude developing a film The Miracle Man (IndieGoGo fundraiser),
  • Disney revamping Indiana Jones,
  • and Microsoft Xbox One officials are the Lame Idiots of 2013!

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