The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 257

In this episode:

  • early spring Chiller Theatre 2015 guest list,
  • celebrity death (Taylor Negron),
  • Three Dog Night,
  • NASA probes Dawn (Ceres) and New Horizons (Pluto) will arrive at their destinations this year,
  • dumb Mars “alien” conspiracies,
  • discovery of two new icy “planettes” in the solar system?,
  • the upcoming Pee-wee Herman movie is coming to Netlfix?,
  • return of The X-Files,
  • new Star Trek 3 (2016) movie director/writer fired – Simon Pegg hired,
  • petition to destroy all copies of Transformers: Age of Extinction (2014),
  • the disastrous Galavant miniseries on ABC,
  • The Goldbergs re-enact The Transformers: The Movie,
  • a Rob-view of Movie 43 (2013) starring half of Hollywood,
  • and Rob’s Lost-a-thon midpoint update.

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