Frequently Asked Questions – updated April 21, 2014

1. What is The Paunch Stevenson Show?

The Paunch Stevenson Show is the ultimate pop culture podcast and is hosted by Greg and Rob- two guys who grew up and still live in northern NJ. We cover everything, both old and new. Best of all, our show is free!

Even though we’re sarcastic and silly, we keep our show clean, safe for work, and safe for listeners of all ages.

2. What do you talk about on the show?

We discuss everything- movies, TV shows, celebrities, video games, cartoons, musicians, comedians, artists, current events, web sites, idiotic personal experiences, and other interesting bits of pop culture.

We also feature improvised comedy bits with impersonated celebrities, like Sean Connery, Dr. Phil, Michael Jackson, Stan Lee, Billy Connolly, Louie Anderson, Regis Philbin, and Bill Cosby.

Other recurring bits include celebrity deaths (thanks to, physics experiments with the fake Julius Sumner Miller, Paunch in Time, get-rich-quick schemes, stupid styles, local psychos, the Paunch bad luck, the hobo, What Ever Happened To?, and The Old Jingle of the Episode.

We also feature celebrity interviews (Ed Begley Jr., Ted Danson, Samantha Fox, Tami Erin, etc.), music (Mike Masse, Danny McEvoy, Screaming Orphans, Weird Paul Petroskey, DJ Boris Yeltsin, David W. Jacobsen, etc.), listener feedback, and trips to various locations throughout NJ and NYC (Chiller Theatre, Yestercades, Barcade, Silverball, Nintendo World, Late Show, Loew’s Jersey Theatre, etc.).

3. What is The Paunch Stevenson Show’s schedule?

We try our best to post a new episode every two weeks, but our full time jobs and other commitments sometimes cause delays.

4. Are the topics for each episode listed in order?

Yes, the topics for each episode are listed in the order we discuss them, similar to the table of contents in a book.

5. Is the show safe for work? Is it safe for children?

Yes! We keep the show clean and safe for work, so you can enjoy listening to it with anyone, anywhere. After all, Jerry Seinfeld, Brian Regan, and Bill Cosby have been popular for several decades. Andrew Dice Clay has not.

6. How do I subscribe to the show? Is it free?

Yes, a subscription to The Paunch Stevenson Show is free!

To subscribe to The Paunch Stevenson Show in iTunes, click here…or you can copy and paste our podcast RSS feed into your RSS reader or “podcatching” program. New episodes will be downloaded automatically.

7. May I suggest a topic for an upcoming episode?

Yes! In fact, we encourage all of our listeners to interact with us and be a part of the show. Email us or post comments on our site as often as you’d like.

8. Will you read my email or comment on the show?

If it’s good, we’ll read it. If it’s not, we’ll probably still read it anyway.

9. Will you play my band’s music on the show?

Sure! Email your band’s URL to us and we’ll check out your music. If it’s good, we’ll praise it. If it’s not, we’ll make fun of it. Either way, it’ll be entertaining.

10. May I be a guest on The Paunch Stevenson Show?

Yes, guests are always welcome! All you need is a phone or Skype. It’s that simple.

We can conduct an interview if you are promoting your band, film, web site, or any other project you’re working on…or you can just joke around with us about movies, celebrities, video games, TV shows, annoying songs, weird web sites, or anything else you want.

Email us to set up a time and day!

11. Who hosts the show?

Greg and Rob host The Paunch Stevenson Show. We grew up in Belleville, NJ, throughout the 1980s and 90s. Our education consisted of several public schools, which could have easily doubled as insane asylums. Some of our favorite toys were Transformers, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, the Real Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Atari 2600, the Nintendo Entertainment System, the Sega Genesis, and the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Now Greg is a computer systems analyst and Rob is a graphic artist. We both still watch a ton of TV and movies and play vintage video games.

12. Who is Paunch Stevenson?

Who is Monty Python?

13. Do you have a Facebook page? Are you on YouTube? Twitter?

Yes! Be our friend and help spread the word about the show:

Paunch on Facebook

Paunch on YouTube

Paunch on Twitter

14. How do I listen to previous episodes of the show? How many episodes are available?

Every episode of The Paunch Stevenson Show is available on our Episodes page for free. Browse each episode’s topics and when you find one that interests you, click the play button or download the MP3 file to listen to it.

You can also subscribe to The Paunch Stevenson Show for free. To subscribe in iTunes, click here…or you can copy and paste our podcast RSS feed into your RSS reader or “podcatching” program. New episodes will be downloaded automatically.

15. When did The Paunch Stevenson Show materialize?

We considered starting our own podcast way back in early 2005 and finally got off our butts and recorded a couple of practice episodes during the summer. Once we felt slightly more comfortable recording the show, we took the plunge and started producing official episodes in early October. The complete Paunch Stevenson Show web site was launched on October 31, 2005. (It had previously featured the teaser “Paunch is coming…” with a photo of a toilet.)

16. How come the sound quality in the earlier episodes is so bad?

We recorded the first episode of The Paunch Stevenson Show together in the same room. In fact, we shared one microphone. It sounded pretty good, but we realized traveling back and forth every week would be inconvenient, so in episode 2, we started recording the show via the internet (Greg in NJ and Rob in NYC – Rob didn’t move back to NJ until mid 2008). As a result, the sound quality in episodes 2 through 7 isn’t that great. For some reason, Greg ended up sounding like he was talking on a telephone, which was weird and stupid.

Because we are geniuses, we came up with new, secret recording techniques that drastically improved the show’s sound quality starting in episode 8. In episode 45, we finally started recording the show using Skype. We’re constantly experimenting and fine-tuning the recording process and looking for ways to make the show sound better than ever.

17. Is there any Paunch Stevenson Show merchandise?

Yes! Currently, we have stickers and a few different t-shirts available to purchase online in our store. We’ll eventually add better stuff, so keep listening to the show for updates.

19. What if I have a question that isn’t on this page?

Email it to us or post a comment anywhere on our site. We’ll answer it, we promise.

Thanks for listening!

-Greg and Rob