The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 077

The Paunch Stevenson Show trip to the Digital Press video game store!

In this episode:

  • singing hobos in Newark, NJ,
  • graffiti,
  • memories of our horrible practice recordings in mid 2005,
  • auto racing and kart racing,
  • the Digital Press video game store in Clifton, NJ (,
  • terrible Super Nintendo Entertainment System games (Street Combat, Batman Forever, Pit-Fighter, etc.),
  • good Super Nintendo Entertainment System games (Super Punch-Out!!, Super Mario Kart, Joe & Mac, etc.),
  • Data East,
  • Bad Dudes inside a Rush ‘n Attack cartridge,
  • the trade-in value of Baseball for the Nintendo Entertainment System,
  • the Kiss video game Kiss: Psycho Circus- The Nightmare Child,
  • outlandish Transformers (2007) movie prop auctions on eBay,
  • new reality TV shows (Hey Paula, Scott Baio Is 45…and Single, etc.),
  • and Willie Aames.

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