This was fairly impromptu, but Frank Nora, the Babe Ruth of Podcasting, was at the NAVA (North Atlantic Videogame Aficionados) meetup at the Digital Press Video Game store in Clifton, NJ, this past weekend, as was Greg. So we did a short interview. Frank you may remember was our guest on Episode 90 of the Paunch Show almost 3 years ago.

We talked about:

  • small US states,
  • the oldest living celebrity who recently died (Mitch Miller),
  • the Gabor sisters,
  • Frank’s tickets to Pee Wee on Broadway,
  • theatrical plays shown on closed circuit movie screens,
  • Journal Square in Jersey City, NJ,
  • Belleville Turnpike backroad through a marsh,
  • collecting classicvideo games,
  • Need for Speed World free MMO racing game.

Listen to this episode:
Episode 1557 of the Frank Nora Show on The Overnightscape Underground
(Greg appears at the 23 minute mark).