a rotten salad at Silver Spurs in NYC

There’s a restaurant called Silver Spurs on the corner of Broadway and E. 9th St. in Manhattan, only a few blocks away from Union Square Park. I’ve walked by it many times, but never ate there until this past Friday.

I went in and ordered the Salada Georgie. The description: “chicken chunks n’ shrimp combo atop garden-fresh greens, avocado.” The price: $12.75.

Service was below average, but that’s usually the case in NYC. I’m used to it by now. What I’m not used to is paying $12.75 for a salad that consists of rotten lettuce and shrimp that still has the shell on it.

I didn’t send the salad back or talk to the manager. A customer should never have to do that in the first place. Besides, what would the salad have been replaced with, more rotten salad?

I thought to myself, “How does the chef know he or she didn’t prepare this salad for a food critic?” Then I realized, I criticize movies, TV shows, video games, music, and people on The Paunch Stevenson Show all the time, so why not food, too? Hence, this blog entry.

I even took a picture, so you can see the disgusting rip-off salad for yourself. Obviously, I won’t be eating at Silver Spurs again.