As many may have picked up, or not, I Greg am quite the motorsports aficionado. One of my favorite days of the year is Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend. This year, while recovering from my 70 mile bicycle ride, I’ll be glued to the set for the 92nd Indianapolis 500. Well, while the action has been going on in Indiana for the last 2 plus weeks, you’d think to see it you’d have to fly out to Indy, right? No! On Monday, May 19, they flew the full field of 33 drivers (30 guys and 3 ladies) to New York City, right over the river from me. They all took part in a group photo op. next to the Charging Bull sculpture downtown on Broadway at the Canyon of Heroes.

The only problem was A) I didn’t find out until afterwards, and B) I was too busy at work to go anyway. But argggggghhhhh how annoying! Paunch Luck again. The next closest Indycar race is 4 hours away in Watkins Glen, NY. What other chance would I have to see the entire field of drivers though for the Indy 500 without being there? Rats! NASCAR does the same thing, having their actual cars ride through Manhattan in December. I’ve yet to see it, because I always forget when it is, so I can take off from work.

Indy 500 drivers in NYC

PS: The Dush (Eliza Dushku) has been in NY a lot lately promoting her new show Dollhouse I assume, but I never know where beforehand. Paunched!