The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 147

In this episode:

  • updates to the Paunch Stevenson Show web site,
  • Rob’s phones vs. email vs. text messaging rant,
  • Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien’s NBC nonsense,
  • Rob’s late night talk show rant,
  • Bernie Madoff and Wall Street,
  • the price of baseball card packs,
  • the upcoming movie The A-Team (2010) starring Liam Neeson,
  • NBC’s upcoming TV show remake The Rockford Files,
  • the upcoming movie remake Caesar: Planet of the Apes (2010),
  • the upcoming movie remake Ghosts of Mars (2010) remake,
  • the upcoming movie Spider-Man: The Teenage Years (2011) starring Michael Cera,
  • Louie Anderson on Facebook and Twitter,
  • Hulk Hogan,
  • Microsoft’s Project Natal,
  • a Steven Seagal video game,
  • and 3D HDTVs.

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