The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 183

Sixth anniversary of the Paunch Stevenson Show (Part II)!

In this episode:

  • election lawn signs for Stallone and Hogan in Northern NJ,
  • Conrad Murray trial verdict in death of Michael Jackson,
  • more NJ pizzeria stereotypes,
  • get rich quick (the classy pizzeria),
  • celebrity death (Smokin’ Joe Frazier),
  • What Ever Happened To? (Judge Mills Lane and Fairuza Balk),
  • Adam Sandler cursing his female co-stars’ careers,
  • Greg meets the legendary William Shatner,
  • anecdotes from his new book Shatner Rules,
  • the movie Incubus (1966) spoken entirely in Esperanto,
  • In Living Color returning to Fox in 2012,
  • another celebrity death (Heavy D),
  • Johnny English Reborn (2011) starring Rowan Atkinson,
  • Rob’s fundamental categories of video games (fun, strategy, and wonder),
  • why can’t a one-person bathroom be unisex?,
  • the Paunch luck (we missed a chance to meet Stan Lee),
  • cheap 1980s Halloween costumes for children (Voltron, E.T., etc.),
  • super expensive price for Mark Hamill’s autograph or photo,
  • Greg meets the star of Hercules (Kevin Sorbo),
  • Greg meets Eliza Dushku at last!,
  • a motion ride using George Lucas’ Red Tails,
  • movie cars (1966 Batmobile, 1989 Batmobile, 1985 Back to the Future DeLorean),
  • Michael J. Fox impersonator,
  • Carroll Spinney, original voice and puppeteer of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch,
  • New York Comic Con chaos and costumes,
  • KRE-O Transformers,
  • R2-D2 working models,
  • tracking down a Quiznos restaurant,
  • Michael Jackson’s stoned singing,
  • and the return of the Hobo!

It's really

Flickr Album – New York Comic Con, NYC 10/16/11

The Great William Shatner, NYC, 10/6/11

Flickr Album – William Shatner book signing, NYC 10/6/11

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