The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 225

In this episode:

  • Nintendo sends a cease and desist letter to AtariAge for Princess Rescue,
  • methods for physically producing homebrew video games,
  • is Nintendo in dire straights?,
  • the Nintendo 2DS,
  • our review of the Ouya game console,
  • using Ouya to play arcade games via MAME,
  • the good and bad of Netflix streaming,
  • lousy indie films,
  • our review of Your Sister’s Sister (2012) starring Mark Duplass and Emily Blunt,
  • our review of Price Check (2012) starring indie queen Parker Posey,
  • our review of The Vicious Kind (2009) starring Adam Scott,
  • our review of Oblivion (2013) starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman,
  • Did Mr. Wizard debunk that sea level rises due to global warming? (video),
  • Dr. Kiki of This Week in Science explains that no he did NOT! (video),
  • our review of Riddick (2013), starring Vin Diesel and Katee Sackhoff,
  • upcoming Robocop (2014) film, featuring Michael Keaton,
  • Ben Affleck hired as Batman for the foreseeable future,
  • celebrity death (boxer Tommy Morrison),
  • and a corny news report about Nintendo from the early 1990s.

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