The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 254

In this episode…

  • celebrity photo/autograph combo hunting,
  • Rhode Island Comic Con 2014 review,
  • world famous Gary G. Watson,
  • Katrina Law, a former Miss New Jersey,
  • Stephen Williams from 21 Jump Street,
  • Anthony Michael Hall,
  • Brian Muir, author of In the Shadow of Vader,
  • John Rhys-Davies,
  • George Takei,
  • Walter Koenig,
  • Nichelle Nichols,
  • Alaina Huffman from Supernatural,
  • Mick Foley,
  • Eliza Dushku yet again,
  • Mark Linn-Baker,
  • Martin Short,
  • Bill Pullman,
  • Greg’s Jimmy Page book stamping kerfuffle,
  • Greg’s Paul Simon fail,
  • Adam Eget,
  • Jeff Cohen, aka Chunk,
  • is Jerry Seinfeld autistic?,
  • our quick wrap up of The League season 6,
  • Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) selling its own drinks,
  • the Amazon Echo,
  • artists frequently mis-tagged on mp3s during the file sharing era,
  • Joe Dirt 2 (2015),
  • and a celebrity death (R.A. Montgomery – creator of Choose Your Own Adventure books).

Pictures from the Rhode Island Comic Con, Providence, R.I. – 11/1/2014:
Rhode Island Comic Con, Providence, R.I. – 11/1/2014
John Rhys-Davies
Mick Foley
Anthony Michael Hall

Pictures from the Martin Short Bookends Signing – Ridgewood, NJ – 11/2/2014:
Martin Short – Ridgewood, NJ – 11/2/2014
Martin Short

Pictures from various November 2014 celebrity encounters:
Jeff Cohen
Mark Linn-Baker
Bill Pullman

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