The Paunch Stevenson Show episode 163

Our interview with YouTube cover artist extraordinaire Mike Massé!

In this episode:

  • Mike’s musical origins,
  • his bass player Jeff Hall,
  • influences include The Beatles, U2, Radiohead, Rush,
  • none of us are exposed to new music,
  • how did we find Mike on the web?,
  • Mike’s ever expanding vocal range,
  • putting an emphasis on the original style of each song,
  • sound recording techniques,
  • a wedding gig request in Amsterdam,
  • the 3-man vocal arrangement of 80s band Toto,
  • Mike’s unique T-shirts,
  • musical aspirations,
  • American Idol, America’s Got Talent, and X Factor,
  • original songs,
  • the Pie Pizzeria in Utah,
  • rock and roll in the future,
  • future cover artists,
  • is rock music dead?,
  • opinions on Tron Legacy (2010) starring Jeff Bridges,
  • first person shooters on the PC,
  • and more great cover songs (clips) from Mike, Jeff, and friends.

Don’t forget to go to Mike’s website and donate to his Tip Jar if you can!

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